Our principles

We like demanding clients, they are just like us;
Together we build the future;
We believe in team-work;
We do not promise, we make it happen;
We treat your business as our own;
Total confidentiality regarding the projects.
The most important thing in starting a partnership is mutual knowledge. That is why, we present our work, which are the levels of collaboration and who is going to work for you.
The team will be made up by experts in the project management domain, graphics and design, marketing, communication and web programming/ web development. Depending on the complexity of the project the team can extend by taking in other experts.

The stages of the making of your project are:

The Evaluation
In this stage we will identify your needs, we’ll establish the objectives of the project, we’ll make a draft of the project and a preliminary evaluation of the (human, material and financial) resources that need to be used during creation of the project. Considering your decision we will go to the next stage.

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