Our mission
Is to offer you intelligent web solutions, easy to exploit. All you have to do is to tell us exactly what you want and which are the problems you are dealing with and we’ll give you the solution. We will handle your most complicated affair communication problems in the virtual environment, we will help your messages to reach your clients faster and help you create a permanent advantage in front of the competition.
Our principle
We like demanding clients, they are just like us;
Together we build the future;
We believe in team-work;
We do not promise, we make it happen;
We treat your business as our own;
Total confidentiality regarding the projects.
Ho we are?
ATREIDES Group was founded in 2003, as a limited trade company, with totally private money, having as the main activity domain the developing of software applications on a web platform.
Young TREIDES team is specialized in developing Internet applications, e-commerce solutions, webdesign, data-base administration, multimedia presentations.

The company permanently developed its area of activity, enlarged its team by selecting enthusiastic and passionate young people, becoming an important “player” on the software market.
Do you want to join us?
Do you consider you’re being demanding enough with yourself open to great challenges, passionate by your work and want to be a part of out team? Nothing simpler: here is the e-mail address where you can contact us:
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